Friday, December 31, 2010

December 31, 2010

The last time I'll type that year as a current date, I imagine. 2010 has been a good year for our family. I have enjoyed my scrapping and other adventures and want to wish everyone a safe and healthy new year.

We'll have our annual card out soon, hope you enjoy it.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Just received this news!! Amazing!
Subject: Scrap~tures Anniversary Kit Promotion!
We have lots of exciting things happening in January and to kick it off we are having a HUGE Kit Subscriber Promotion

Starting in January, kit subscriptions will be for 6 months rather than a year. Here at Scrap~tures, we realize how hard it can be to commit to something for an entire year and want to make things easier on you! If you sign up for a kit subscription this month to start with the January kit, you will get your 7th month kit FREE!

But wait!! That's not all!

As a bonus for signing up for a kit subscription, you will receive a 25% discount on any items that will fit in your first month's pizza box!


Don't forget that you will also receive for FREE for as long as you are a subcriber, every issue of Scrapbook and Cards Today Magazine!

Also commencing in January, there will be changes to taxes and shipping...

As of January 1st we are no longer charging taxes on any store or kit purchases

Unfortunately though, we have no choice but to increase shipping and handling charges. Due to Canada Post rate increases and the implementaion of HST we have to raise our rates as follows...

shipping in Ontario will increase from $8 to $10.
shipping in all other provinces will increase from $10 to $12
and shipping to the USA will increast from $12 to $14

In the end, you are still saving a bit of money with saving the taxes, for example,, an Ontario subscriber currently pays $47.55 per month for their kit, whereas starting in January, will only be paying $45.00.

So now is as good a time as any to finally make the decision to sign up for Scrap~tures kits!!

Thanks :)

Scrap~tures team