Friday, April 15, 2011

Early Bird Crop Challenge!

Ready for a Road trip? How about a three-hour tour?

Remember the television show Gilligan’s Island? Well, like Gilligan and his cohorts, we’re going on a trip. If you want to hear the theme song of this iconic television show, check out Gilligan’s Island ran for three seasons from 1964-1967. It delighted many viewers who watched the shipwrecked castaways attempting to leave the remote island, while various opportunities present themselves. They typically fail owing to some bumbling error committed by Gilligan (with the exception of "The Big Gold Strike", where everyone except Gilligan is responsible for their failed escape). Sometimes this would result in his saving the others from some unforeseen flaw in their plan.


To participate in this "tour" you must lift the CARD OR LAYOUT of the person in front of you.

The only twist is that we will use the word “Gilligan” as a tool for playing this “game”. For instance, I used the “G” as inspiration for my layout by scrapping a GIRL. The person who follows me will use an “I” and the person after that uses an “L” and so on. Once the name “Gilligan” is spelled out in entirety, the next person goes back to the beginning with the “G” in Gilligan.

The KEY is that unlike the castaways, you only have ONE HOUR to post your completed project... must dibs your turn by posting "DIBS" after the preceding project.

If someone else has called DIBS you must wait until they have uploaded their project to DIBS that one...

Once your completed project is uploaded, you may take the special blinkie that let’s the world know that you’ve not only taken the tour, but survived to tell the tale as well!

Have fun and let’s take as many trips as possible this weekend!


  1. What a fun idea! When I finally get moved and settled I am going to have to try to get in on some scrapping fun again.