Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Good morning all. It's been a busy week around here. This was supposed to be my week "off" but it hasn't turned out that way! I broke my sewing machine on Monday (no, I didn't take a photo) and pulled it apart into a million pieces (no I didn't take a photo). Yesterday I was super-woman and put it all back together! The only piece I had left over was a little spring, but I figured who needed it anyway? LOL

Yesterday I sewed two squares for a quilt project I'm participating in with some dear friends in the States. Today I'm mailing the squares off to be joined to the others. I'll show you the squares another day. Today I'm super excited to show you this layout. It's one of the ones I worked on over the weekend.

We got the photo from her dad's dropbox folder. In the series, she was jumping with great gusto on her bed but in this photo, she seems to pause to contemplate her next move (or so we presume). We thought it was a fabulous shot that just had to be scrapped! The photo is totally untouched.. her cheeks really were that red!


This layout was done in response to a layout tag - a favourite game of mine - over at ScrapShotz. Come check my team's results!

Have a scrap happy day!


  1. What a sweet, adorable little lady! You are so fortunate to have those lovely grandchildren to enjoy~ Great page Kelly!

  2. This is so totally adorable. It is really sweet and so perfectly pretty. Fun and super cute!

  3. Kelly, She is so precious! Your scrapbooking is just amazing! Miss you.


  4. Gorgeous photo! Love how she arranged her little "friends". Love how you used such a big pic on your layout, Kelly!