Friday, May 4, 2012

I'll Show You..

Well my friends, does it seem like FOREVER since I last posted?? It sure does to me! I have had a whole bunch of adventures since last we chatted. My hubby and I drove out to Saskatchewan for our daughter's college graduation. Along the way, we had many many unexpected adventures. Those stories are for another day though. I'm excited to show you what I just did...

Today I want to share with you, this fabulous sketch from Sketches: Creatively Yours. The simplicity really struck me and just called for this wonderful "Lego" paper I received from Tina to work with. I just love how it all turned out!  Why not give it a try. Let me know if you do!

I would love to show you the mess that I'm working in.. but I'm not going to! I'll let you continue to think that my beautiful scrap room is finished and things are all put away... it's not true! I carved out a small 2x2 piece of desk to work on this! I think I have to do more cleaning before I can create much more. Wish me luck!

Tomorrow is National Scrapbooking Day. Where will you be? I'll be checking in with Sisterhood of Scrap and also with ScrapShotz to see if they are going to leave me a challenge or two to do. :-)

Have a Scrap Happy Day!


  1. Aside from the fabulous photo...which is just a given for you :-) I love the scattered Legos. Will have to try that for pages of my Lego fanatics!

  2. I won't show my creative room aka "office" either... and I haven't any scrapbooking stuff out... just camp supplies, gifts, gym stuff, a couple of projects, some embossings powder... hmmm... you get my drift. But I LOVE scrapbooking and one day I'll have time for it again. None of those projects are fully done either... sigh.

  3. Love the "captured" moment of the cute babies!! They make great stories and moments to tell in the future!

  4. looking forward to seeing the finished room