Monday, September 24, 2012

Too Hard?

This summer, one of Gabby's expressions was "too hawd"... things were always too hard for it seemed. She had so much of the "almost 3 years old" and wanting to do what she saw other kids doing, but still much of the "2 year old" that needs help.

Watching the neighbour boys and seeing how fun it was to use the slide to come down from their tree house, yet being afraid to go up on her own, it was just "too hard". One morning her mommy encouraged her to try... she took a lot of encouragement but found that it was not too hard after all!

So pleased with herself. :-)

Using the Friday font from Sept 21 and the Saying Saturday challenge from Sept 8, this layout came together quickly.

I hope you enjoy it! Have a scrap happy day!

1 comment:

  1. Great layout! I still love seeing the face on my little guy when he perseveres to do that "too hard" thing! Love the journaling on this one and how you captured everything about this moment!