Monday, September 10, 2012

Has it really been this long??

I knew that I'd been procrastinating about putting up blog posts but when I look at the last date here, I can hardly believe that two weeks have gone by with no posts! I've been busy scrapping, but not posting... this room gets hot during the day and with our weather lately, it's been almost unbearable to be here very long. Today "fall" arrived with its cooler temps. I also woke up at the crack of middle-of-the-night so will grab a coffee and post a few before the day really begins.

Completed for the Sisterhood of Scrap Closing Ceremonies Challenge

Completed for Sisterhood of Scrap Volleyball Challenge
I was tasked by Tina at Tina's Scrapbooking to use some Vegas paper. Since I have no Vegas photos of my own, I "borrowed" some from a friend. It's interesting trying to scrap someone else's memories, that's for sure!

I hope you enjoyed these layouts. There will be more to come but in the meantime, have a scrap-happy day.


  1. I was wondering why Jo was posting pictures on your blog, but now I get it! Great job Kelly!

  2. Very cool layouts! I've also scrapped for others and it is a challenge! You did a great job!