Friday, February 3, 2012

January Layouts

Well despite all the fun and craziness around here this past month, I did manage to get a few layouts done. I'm pretty pleased with them!

Done for a Layout Tag at Scrapshotz as well as for a challenge at SOS a "doublemint" challenge - use two sets of two!

done for a challenge at SOS - Layers... I have 9 of them!

another challenge from SOS - this timea layout showing movement!
I hope you like the little peek into what I've been doing.

In the near future you'll see layouts about the crazy busy weeks we've just had. Some of our activities included:
  • baking cookies and cakes
  • playing with goop
  • food colour experimentation
  • shaving creme fun
  • washing every single plastic dish I own - twice at least
  • visiting kitties
  • playing with Murphy (who has turned out to be a very good with toddler dog) (poor thing!)
  • dancing
  • playing in the snow
  • singing "Banana Phone" and other fun songs (I'll never get them out of my head!)
  • and other miscellaneous activities...
Yes, I did a lot of cleaning this week as well but there are no photos of that! LOL



  1. Another triumph, m'dear! (x3)

    I read the great button debacle to Reba and we think you need to write a book! :)

    Love you all lots

  2. Awesome layouts Kelly! And your button story = priceless. I too, would of had a stroke since I just organized my buttons the same way. Can't wait to see your future layouts!

  3. Super cute blog! Love the fun layouts! Your pictures are priceless!