Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Still in LONDON 2012

Our LONDON 2012 crop over at Sisterhood of Scrap is going to be running from July 27-August 12 with a challenge a day so feel free to jump right in! Lots of games, prizes and inspiration!

Yesterday I posted a challenge celebrating the Equestrian events at the Olympics. I grew up with horses and the smell of horses today is still one of my favourite smells! I love the majesty and power of the great beasts. You can check out the particulars of my challenge here  (again I'm offering RAK candy to anyone who participates according to the rules... just sayin')

Here's my example from the challenge - not the most majestic of beasts but warm and furry all the same. :-)

No, he's not "best in show" but he is entertaining!  Once you've met him, you rarely forget him.

Have a scrap-happy day!

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