Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This morning I made some "moo" cards. Have you ever heard of them? I never had. Apparently they are kind of common in some circles. They are tiny business cards exactly one half size of an ATC (artist trading card) so are 1.25x3.5 inches.

I made them for a swap at Sisterhood of Scrap this month where, as you may know, we are being challenged using "The Amazing Race" as a theme. It's been quite intriguing so far and I encourage you to pop over there if you get a chance!

The moo cards had to be "travel theme" and the hardest part for me was not having enough room on the tiny cards!

So, tell me what you think!  Have you ever heard of a "moo card"???

I'm going to use the ones I receive on layouts... :-)... That should be fun, hey?


  1. What do you do with them? They're cute!

  2. These ones are for the swap but depending on what I get in return, I'll probably use them for layouts.

    they *are* cute, aren't they? :-)