Thursday, March 8, 2012

Well.. it's "almost" a miracle

I was driving home from the chiropractor this morning when I remembered that I'd promised to show you a miracle this morning... Well, it's "almost" a miracle.

I am helping a friend with ideas for her art classes for kids in foster care. She wants them to make a mini album. Now, I am not a mini album kind of girl, that's for sure, but this week in the spirit of "anything for the kids", I went looking.

I found this video and was inspired enough to make a simple prototype!

Of course it needs a lot of finishing up (and it took me and my four left thumbs more than 10 minutes to make) but I think I'm going to make a few of these quick little gems to display at Tina's.

I'll show you when I really "finish" one. :)

Hope you liked this idea and give it a try. Please show me if you do!


  1. Hey, you revamped your site! It looks great.

    I also really like this album. Very cool :)

  2. Perhaps if you continue to be a good girl, I will mail you one. ;-)