Friday, March 9, 2012

Want to hear something freaky?  I had this all set up to post this morning all by itself but when I turned on my computer on Wednesday, there it was! I nearly had a heart attack! Everything is supposed to be revealed on the S:CY blog first. Oh dear! I had to take it all down and re-put it up this morning. So, if there's any confusion or weirdness.. let's blame it on the blogger gremlins, shall we?
Without further explanations or adieu, here's Sketch 8-12 from Sketches: Creatively Yours!

This time our layout was created by Ali MacDonald, site owner. I love the way she hand draws her sketches - gives me hope that maybe I can draw my own someday instead of "winging it" all the time! LOL

And here's my interpretation

It's quite rare that I have ever had baby Hugo fall asleep on me. It seems that he's always on his way somewhere or cuddling with his mamma.... He truly is his mom's boy, but I have to say that I truly treasured  having these few quiet moments with him.

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm off tomorrow to scrapbook with my local gals. Hopefully working on dh's 50th birthday book or some of those little tag books I shared yesterday!
Chat at ya later!


  1. Love the stitching and also that little embellishment cluster! Cute rooster :-)

  2. What a sweet, sweet photo! Love the fabric tag used for the title and how you journaled so many details. He will enjoy reading your layout some day!

  3. Thanks girls! I've had him cuddle like that so rarely that it just HAD to be scrapped!

  4. Such a sweet lovely photo and I love journaling on layouts! Great take on the sketch!